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Articles from Vol. 60, No. 1, Spring

"An Headlesse Ladie" and "A Horses Loade of Heades": Writing the Beheading
1. INTRODUCTION In 1612, five years after the Flight of the Earls signalled the symbolic end of the Gaelic order, John Webster wrote The White Devil. (1) The savagery of the Irish wars had already been winnowed down in English recollection to Irish...
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A Postmodern Renaissance?
In one of the first articles ever published in Renaissance News, Josephine Waters Bennett wrote about the expanding boundaries of Renaissance Studies. (1) The Dartmouth College Library had taken on the News in 1948 after its peripatetic career as the...
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Books Received
EDITIONS AND TRANSLATIONS: Bideaux, Michel, ed., and Herberay des Essarts, trans. Amadis de Gaule. Book 1. Textes de la Renaissance 116. Paris: Honore Champion Editeur, 2006. 706 pp. index. append. illus. tbls. gloss. bibl. [euro]63. ISBN: 2-7453-1422-X....
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"Living Dolls": Francois Ier Dresses His Women
1. INTRODUCTION As competition among Renaissance European courts intensified, so did the pace at which clothing styles changed. Achieving sartorial supremacy was no longer simply a matter of flaunting wealth, but of following trends in order to...
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Possessing the Sacred: Monarchy and Identity in Philip II's Relic Collection at the Escorial
1. INTRODUCTION The most famous anecdote about King Philip II (1527-98) and his passion for relics is the one told by the Hieronymite friar Jose de Siguenza (1544-1606) in his famous history of the foundation of the Escorial, included in his monumental...
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