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A scholarly journal publishing current information about research, theory, and practice in the field of adult development and aging. Emphasis is given to developmental principles and concomitant counseling implications. This is the official journal of the

Articles from Vol. 9, No. 1, Spring

A Comparison of Firefighters and Police Officers: The Influence of Gender and Relationship Status
Differences between fire department and police department personnel (N = 190) concerning work-related stressors and depression were examined with regard to gender and relationship status. Participants completed the Beck Depression Inventory-II (A....
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Counselors' Role in Preventing Abuse of Older Adults: Clinical, Ethical, and Legal Considerations
Mistreatment of older adults is commonplace. These individuals are subjected to abuse, financial exploitation, and neglect. The authors present an overview of the literature concerning mistreatment, with an emphasis on clinical, ethical, and legal...
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Midlife Women's Negotiations of Barriers to and Facilitators of Physical Activity: Implications for Counselors
The authors investigated barriers to exercise and facilitators that enable midlife women to engage in an active lifestyle. Findings provide counselors with insight into the meanings that women ascribe to physical activity so they can better assist...
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The Developmental Impact of Child Abuse on Adulthood: Implications for Counselors
Many adults are exposed to maltreatment during their childhood. As a result, they may experience long-term negative outcomes in a range of developmental areas. The purpose of this article was to examine the social, physical, and mental health consequences...
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Underserved and Undernoticed Clients: Issues of Advocacy
We, as a society, continue to celebrate difference on an ever-widening scale within our relationships--our communities, our professions, and our government; it strikes me that there are adults who remain underserved and undernoticed. Older adults,...
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Using Technology to Enhance Adult Learning in the Counselor Education Classroom
The authors present a study that used a conceptual framework of adult learning and differentiated learning styles with graduate students in a counselor education classroom. Students in a hybrid course had higher midterm, group proposal, and posttest...
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