State Legislatures

This magazine covers policy and politics through articles on trends, legislative in the United States, best practices, the legislative process and institution and leadership and federal initiatives that affect the states.

Articles from Vol. 20, No. 1, January

Citizen Legislators - Alive and Well
The number of lawmakers listing their occupations as full-time legislators increased dramatically between 1976 and 1986, leading some to wonder if the citizen lawmaker was facing extinction. A new study shows they are alive and well, but struggling to...
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Help for the Working Poor
We will reward the work of millions of working poor Americans by realizing the principle that if you work 40 hours a week and you've got a child in the house, you will no longer be in poverty. President Clinton, State of the Union Address, Feb. 18,...
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Leaders Are the Key to Strong Legislatures
This month's cover story describes the work of NCSL's Legislative Institution Task Force chaired by Representative Nancy Kopp of Maryland. The task force recommends a number of actions legislatures can take to improve their effectiveness and increase...
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Not Business as Usual in Louisiana Legislature
It's won't be business as usual in Louisiana when the Legislature opens its 1994 session in April--instead of March as in previous years--and when lawmakers are restricted to discussion of fiscal topics. A constitutional amendment approved by 66 percent...
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Our Beleaguered Institution
Reeling from voter anger and public distrust, can the legislative institution ever regain respect? In this era of political discontent, reality differs substantially from perception. State legislatures are stronger and more effective than at any time...
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Program Developed for AIDS-Infected Inmates
Florida corrections officials have designed a new program that should cut costs and improve the quality of care for AIDS patients. The prison system could save from $500,000 to $1 million a year by caring for inmates in a special AIDS facility and decreasing...
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The Old Statehouse, She Ain't What She Used to Be
Legislators, lobbyists and staff agree: It's tougher these days to legislate. Editor's note: In a special session at NCSL's 1993 Annual Meeting, 10 veterans--present and former legislators and staff members who together represented 277 years of legislative...
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Twenty Percent and Climbing
More and more women are being elected to the legislatures. That could mean changes not only in priority of the issues but also in the legislative process. Even though their numbers are still far from parity with men, women officeholders at most levels...
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Voters Turn out to Decide Taxes, Term Limits, Tuition
As voters in New Jersey and Virginia went to the polls to pick governors and state legislators for another term, voters in other states were drawn there by ballot questions ranging from term limits to tax limits. Wins and losses in November elections...
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