T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education)

T.H.E. Journal is an application of technology journal for educators and administrators in higher education, K-12 and industry training. Founded in 1973, it is published 11 months per year by T.H.E. Journal.T.H.E. Journal subjects include education, management and administration. The editor-in-chief is Katherine Grayson. The managing editor is Olivia LaBarre.

Articles from Vol. 25, No. 11, June

Another Look at the Duke Wireless Classroom
During the spring semesters of 1994 and 1995, freshmen at Duke University participated in the first full-scale test of diffuse Infrared OR) networking to link notebook computers in the classroom. Preliminary results were reported in the October '95...
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Building an Effective Library for Technical Students
In today's competitive academic marketplace, vocational and technical training institutions are looking for new and better ways to attract students and equip them with marketable skills. At Concorde Career Institute, our goal is "to provide the best...
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E-Rate to Enhance Connectivity at Florida's Schools and Libraries
Florida counts itself fortunate to have had the leadership, the vision and the programs to bring the best of educational technology into the state's classrooms and libraries. In taking advantage of the recently available E-Rate discounts, Florida...
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Infrastructure Requirements for Schools
There has been a big emphasis on enabling access to the Internet for kindergarten to high school level education -- from the local school teacher up to the President's Office. The emphasis on this effort has focused on cabling the campuses and building...
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Remaking Schools for the Information Age: What Media Centers Can and Must Do
We live in an age of miracles. Images of planets are now routinely beamed to us from the farthest reaches of our solar system. Television receivers in the midst of a jungle provide satellite programming for village farmers about weather and crop planting....
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Supporting Virtual Learning for Adult Students
The general model of higher educational is that of the teacher lecturing to students in the classroom. This 20th century model of mass higher education where teachers and students interact in the classroom has supplanted the 19th century model of...
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Using Multimedia Case Simulators for Professional Growth of School Leaders
Case method application in the area of school leadership has proven a valuable tool for the professional training and continuing development of educational leaders. In recent years, the integration of computer technology with the case-based approach...
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Va. School District Safely Connect Libraries to Internet
For a great deal less money $an setting up dial-up lines, Lee County School District linked its schools to each other and to the Internet through a Wide Area Network and Proxy Server. Lee County School District, with more than 4,100 students in 13...
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'Wired for Learning': Lessons from a Distance Learning Partnership
In 1992 a group of educators in East Texas "shook hands" and formed a collaborative known as ET-LINC. The East Texas Learning Interactive Network Consortium began defining the needs of small, rural schools for the coming century. Looking toward the...
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