T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education)

T.H.E. Journal is an application of technology journal for educators and administrators in higher education, K-12 and industry training. Founded in 1973, it is published 11 months per year by T.H.E. Journal.T.H.E. Journal subjects include education, management and administration. The editor-in-chief is Katherine Grayson. The managing editor is Olivia LaBarre.

Articles from Vol. 24, No. 5, December

Environmental Science Series Immerses Students in Real Problems
As activity on the earth escalates, so does the need to understand how it affects the dynamic nature of ecosystems. Protecting the earth's fragile life-support system demands environmentally informed citizens who can recognize, understand and address...
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Global Positioning System Instruction in Higher Education
Although students can gain a conceptual understanding of Earth coordinate systems through instruction involving diagrams and globes, there is no substitute for an outdoor experience m@ teaching field mapping and navigation. Such training is essential...
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Lotus LearningSpace: New Ground
Not that wonderful instructional environments don't already exist. HyperStudio and similar programs serve well in K-12. And e-mail forms the basis for college-and distance-education interaction. But these are largely individual development efforts....
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SASIxp: This SIS Has Personality
Key to better educational experiences is better managed schools. Key to better management is more and better data, to inform decision-makers. Technology tools such as relational databases will give school personnel that data. Benefits range from cutting...
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Science & Simulation Products Let Students Probe Real-World Problems
According to the National Science foundation (NSF), elementary schools in the U.S. are devoting more classroom time than ever to science instruction, more high school students are taking upper-level courses in this subject area, and universities are...
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Science Skills 'Take' Better with Data Collection & Analysis Package
Physics students at Sycamore High School in the Cincinnati, Ohio, metropolitan area are exploring motion with PC-based laboratory tools. Each cooperative leaning group of three to four students works at a PC lab station that includes a Personal Science...
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The IPT Project: Image Processing for Teaching
The technological revolution that has transformed industry and commerce worldwide is based on advances in mathematics and science. However, technological education has institutionally been kept distinct from its constituent subjects. The reason is...
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