Teaching Children Mathematics

Teaching Children Mathematics is a monthly (August through May) journal published and owned by The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics whose headquarters are in Reston, Va. It has been published since 1994. Written for mathematics teachers, Teaching Children Mathematics covers mathematics education through the middle grades. This journal provides educators with teaching techniques for mathematics education and focuses on developments in curriculum, instruction, learning and teacher education. Its region is the United States. The February 2006 issue of Teaching Children Mathematics featured an article titled "How Many Days 'til My Birthday? Helping Students Understand Calendar Connections and Concepts." This article described a new approach to instructing kindergarteners about the representation of time through calendars. The October 2010 issue looked at building word problems by using students' own experiences. The journal's regular departments include "Math by the Month" and "From the Classroom." Pamela Halonen is the Editor and Gretchen Mui and Luanne Flom are Contributing Editors.

Articles from Vol. 2, No. 9, May

Assessing Children's Reasoning: It's an Age-Old Problem
Could you have gotten further along in the lesson if you hadn't allowed the children to stray from the subject so much?" Questions similar to this one, posed by an observing preservice teacher, at first took me by surprise and prompted me to clarify...
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Making Cents
My classroom needed some new playground equipment, but we had no money with which to purchase it. That situation was the motivation behind a mathematics unit that brought a practical, hands-on experience to my second-grade class in the form of collecting...
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Mathematical Communication through Student-Constructed Questions
Mathematical communication among students should receive increased emphasis in the classroom according to NCTM's Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics (1989). Two modes of student communication are evident in the mathematics classroom,...
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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Objectives Students will - * explore properties of reflections, * use representations of angles and rays to model a real-life situation, * make and refine conjectures on the basis of collected data, and * enhance problem-solving skills....
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Reflections of Mathematics
The "Investigations" department recognizes the importance of children's exploring hands-on and minds-on mathematics and, therefore, presents teachers with open-ended explorations to enhance mathematical instruction. These meaningful tasks are designed...
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The Nature and Experience of Teaching
I love teaching! It is as simple as that. Teaching for me is a combination of a profession and a hobby - not a hobby that is frivolous and decorative but one that is rewarding and fulfilling. To plan a unit of study that cuts across curriculum areas...
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Up-Down - Left-Write
Objectives Students will - * develop a conceptual understanding of the properties of reflection, * use a protractor to measure angles, * develop understanding of the concepts of concavity and convexity as related to optics, * enhance problem-solving...
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