Notes on Contemporary Literature

Articles from Vol. 38, No. 2, March

Blank Books in Gerald Vizenor's "Almost Browne"
In his short story "Almost Brown" Gerald Vizenor lulls the reader into accepting the "blank books" as symbolic of a challenge inviting one to gauge the purpose, a mirror reflecting the reader, or a joke debunking human insistence upon meaning. The...
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Joyce and Herrick
Contemporary critics of Joyce's Chamber Music (1907) saw in these early poems "something of the spirit of Waller and Herrick," "a courtliness that reminds one of Herrick and Lovelace" and "the lucid sensibility of Jonson and Herrick." Ezra Pound observed,...
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On Chapter XLV of Derek Walcott's Omeros
Ever since its publication in 1990, Walcott's Omeros has been a celebrated text, helping to earn the poet the Nobel Prize in 1992. The concentration on postcolonial literature in literary studies during the past two decades has spurred interest in...
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Philip Roth's Quarrel with Realism in American Pastoral
Philip Roth's American Pastoral (London: Vintage, 1997) is not so much about the 'life' of Seymour Levov, the Swede, an assimilationist Jewish-American entrepreneur who battles to preserve his family and the capitalistic enterprises he owns in Newark...
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The United Snakes: Peter Redgrove's Vision of America
The first time I came across Peter Redgrove's representation of America I was rather puzzled. It was in his 1979 collection of poems The Weddings at Nether Powers. "Meeting America at Wistman's Manor", came as something of a surprise as it appeared...
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