Notes on Contemporary Literature

Articles from Vol. 38, No. 3, May

Art of Darkness: Nina Sadur's Gothic Fictions
Readers of Hoffmann, Poe, and Melville will recognize close affinities with the master of the Russian Gothic tale and a major figure of contemporary Russian prose, Nina Sadur, whose fiction in the Gothic mode is now coming to the forefront of the Russian...
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Clowning around in James Purdy's: The Paradise Circus
In anticipation of the (delayed, but) forthcoming edition of four plays by James Purdy (Selected Plays. Brice, The Paradise Circus, Where Quentin Goes, and Ruthanna Elder [Evanston: Northwestern UP, forthcoming 2007]), I will examine the previously...
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Hemingway, Gongora and the Concept of Nada
Hemingway owned three works by the poet and satirist of the Spanish Golden Age, Francisco de Quevedo (1580-1645). He mentions Quevedo three times in For Whom the Bell Tolls. An old man's dialect was "like reading Quevedo"; Pilar's story-telling is...
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Ideological State Apparatuses in Vilas': Memorias Dun Neno Labrego
Xose Neira Vilas (Gres, Pontevedra 1928) is one of the most recognized and widely read Galician authors of the twentieth century (Galicia is the northwest region of Spain associated with the Celtic culture and regional nationalism). An emigrant during...
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