Entrepreneurial Executive

Publishes practical manuscripts on entrepreneurship and small business. Its primary objective is to address the issues faced by small business owners and managers in their efforts to achieve a level of success for their businesses. Subjects of interest include any area of entrepreneurship and/or small business that would be of interest to practitioners and faculty interested in the more practical applications of knowledge in the field.

Articles from Vol. 10, 2005

Arbitrate, Don't Litigate! Avoiding the High Costs of Litigation
ABSTRACTAlternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), especially arbitration, has become an integral part of doing business as businesses consider the high costs of resolving legal disputes in court. While large corporations have embraced arbitration as a means...
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Beyond Human and Social Capital: The Importance of Positive Psychological Capital for Entrepreneurial Success
ABSTRACTFinancial, human, and social types of capital are widely discussed in the literature as they relate to entrepreneurial success. To date, however, positive psychological capital has not received adequate attention by academics or practitioners....
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Crossing the Line: Express Warranty or Mere Sales Talk?
ABSTRACTThe words used by sellers to describe their goods to induce buyers to purchase them can land the seller in court if the goods fail to measure up and the language is deemed to create an express warranty. Not all representations, however, create...
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In It for the Long Haul?: Succession Planning within Small Entrepreneurial Firms
ABSTRACTSmall businesses, whether family-owned or not, need to plan for the eventual turnover of key contributors, especially owners/founders. Those firms that have not implemented or communicated a formal succession plan may not have qualified people...
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Is Wal-Mart Smothering Small Town America?
ABSTRACTEverywhere there is evidence of new establishments being built. It seems that cities are now reaching out further and small towns growing up over night. Some call it progress; others call it sprawl. One of the most recognizable faces popping...
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Sales Effectiveness and Firm Performance: A Small Firm Perspective
ABSTRACTThe purpose of this exploratory study was to examine the relationship between sales effectiveness and small firm performance in a time when a proliferation of technological innovations are available for use by salespeople. One such innovation,...
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To Flip or Not to Flip?: Using a Family Limited Partnership as a Harvesting Strategy
ABSTRACTThe purpose of this paper is to focus on the Family Limited Partnership as a potential harvesting strategy. The use of a family limited partnership (FLiP) in succession planning has proliferated in recent years. The popularity of FLiPs can be...
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Who Are the Self-Employed?
ABSTRACTThe purpose of this paper is to describe the self-employed in the United States (as identified by the 2000 U. S Census) and show how they differ from employees who are not self-employed. The findings suggest that the self-employed are generally...
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