International Journal of Entrepreneurship

Publishes theoretical and empirical manuscripts in entrepreneurship. Its primary objective is to address the issues faced by entrepreneurs, small business owners and educators in their efforts to achieve a level of success for their businesses and their students. Subjects of interest include any area of entrepreneurship and/or international entrepreneurship which can make a contribution to the field.

Articles from Vol. 11, Annual

Analysis of a Small Honduras Mango Producer's Export Plan
ABSTRACT The analysis done for QUATRO MANGO PRODUCERS (fictitious name) reveals that the producer has strengths and weaknesses in the areas of marketing, production--operation process, human resources, and insurance, taxes, and zoning. Price...
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Opportunity Recognition in Rural Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries
ABSTRACT The Rural Poverty Report 2001 stressed the need to develop poverty-reduction policies and programs with a primary emphasize on rural areas. This paper promotes rural entrepreneurship development as an effective strategy in alleviating rural...
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Perceptual Barriers Preventing Small Business Owners from Using Public Support Services: Evidence from Canada
ABSTRACT Given the economic importance of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), public authorities are seeking ways to improve support for SME owner-managers. Each year, considerable funds are budgeted to help small businesses, and the number of...
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Small-Scale Business Enterprises in the Philippines: Survey and Empirical Analysis
ABSTRACT This paper is a two-part study of small-scale business enterprises in the Philippines: survey and empirical analysis, both of which are combined in an attempt to understand what determines entrepreneurial motivations and success in the...
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The Relevance of Transition to Free Market, Attitude towards Money, Locus of Control, and Attitude towards Risk to Entrepreneurs: A Cross-Cultural Empirical Comparison
ABSTRACT This paper compares an emerging market (Egypt) with a developed market (U.S.A.) in terms of their impact on entrepreneurial characteristics and behavior. The differences are discussed along the dimensions of transition to free market, money...
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