Journal of International Business Research

Publishes theoretical and empirical work in international business including articles on stock markets and globalization.

Articles from Vol. 11, No. 2, April

A Comparative Study of Negotiation Styles: Afghanistan, Iran and Syria
INTRODUCTION Culture and it's role in international negotiations have been the focus of many studies. The absence of cultural awareness can slow down or stop communication between a group of negotiators from different cultures and could result in...
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A Selective Study of Exports of Manufactured Goods from India: Auto Parts and Pharmaceuticals
INTRODUCTION "The world is too much with us", said the famous English poet Wordsworth. Perhaps very few words match the inevitability of globalization in the world. The history of mankind bears to the continuous search for improvement in his economic...
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A Study on Corporate Governance of China's State-Owned Enterprises-Focus on the Role of Baosteel CCP Organization
INTRODUCTION There is a common understanding that the economic development of China has been commenced since the Third Plenary session of the 11th Central Committee of the China Communist Party, and at the same time initiating open door policy from...
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Attitudes toward Tax Evasion: A Demographic Study of the Netherlands
INTRODUCTION Most studies on taxation are written from a public finance perspective (Hyman, 1999; Kaplow, 2008; Marlow, 1995; Ricardo, 1817/1996; Rosen, 1999). They focus on issues such as how best to raise tax funds, efficiency of collection, optimum...
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Currency Option Pricing Model Relevant to the Japanese Yen
INTRODUCTION Currency option pricing has been studied by a number of researchers. As a result several theories related to the exchange rate have been established. We discuss two of these theories. Purchasing power parity (PPP) quantifies the relation...
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Isomorph Isomorphic Influences and Aspiration: Reference Group Choice in Entry Mode Decisions
ENTRY MODE CHOICE AND ISOMORPHIC INFLUENCES As a form of market entry, foreign entry offers opportunities such as potential new markets, new resources, and new relationships, but at the same time raises challenges regarding the uncertain sizing...
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Possibility of Dumping in a Mixed Duopoly Model
INTRODUCTION In the era of no-tariff, dumping is known as the only remaining powerful instrument of protectionism in international trade. While there are controversies about the current legal definition of dumping to what is dumping and what is...
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