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Articles from Vol. 9, No. Sl. 2, September

Destination Branding: The Comparative Case Study of Guam and Vietnam
INTRODUCTION In the context of a global recession, the tourism industry has struggled hard to battle declines in sales turnover, particularly in countries where inbound tourism is a major economic contributor to national output. To improve their...
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E-Government Performance in Guam: The Case of Vehicle Registration Renewal
INTRODUCTION The challenge facing public sector executives is how to make government service easier, quicker, cheaper, more effective, more efficient, and more responsive. The development of information technology is improving government services...
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Factors for Attracting Baby Boomers and Millennials to Downtown Living: Implications for Revitalizing Guam's Downtown Hagatna
INTRODUCTION In 2006, it was estimated that members of the American Millennial generation between 20 and 29 years old would grow to 44 million by 2015. It was also estimated that the members of the Baby Boomer generation between the ages of 50 and...
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Historical Ties and Cultural Connections between Guam and Chichijima: Implications for Tourism
INTRODUCTION The motivation and reason for travelling, particularly to international destinations, have changed over the years. In addition, people travelling for leisure have a variety of destinations to choose from, with places competing against...
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"Inday" Goes to South Korea: Economic Causes and Consequences of Filipina Labor Migration to S Korea
INTRODUCTION The 112 Filipinos who went to South Korea to defend the country against North Korea would be commemorated in a memorial park which would be a symbol of friendship between S Korea and the Philippines (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 2009)....
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Is It Beneficial to Incur Environmental Cost? A Case Study of Toyota Motors Corporation, Japan
BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Environmental accounting concept and practice has evolved from sustainability reports and the broader concept of corporate social responsibility. In this age when globalization and the growth of multinational enterprises...
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Letter from the Special Issue Editors
It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to this issue of the Journal of International Business Research, a journal published by the Academy of International Business Research, an affiliate of the Allied Academies. The mission of the Journal is...
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Project Life Cycle Risk Analysis Model and Capital Investment Decisions of a Private Electric Distribution Utility in the Philippines
INTRODUCTION This research is focused on decisions made by Power Corporation for their capital investment projects and on the outcome of its management's intention to optimize various capital investment decision processes within the organization....
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Reexamining the Classification of Market Learning: A Case Study of 30 Years' History of Diaper Wars in Japan
THEORETICAL BACKGROUND Market Orientation and Creative Learning from the Market The importance of learning from the market served has been recognized within existing marketing theories and practices. In fact, conventional marketing concept theory...
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