Journal of International Business Research

Publishes theoretical and empirical work in international business including articles on stock markets and globalization.

Articles from Vol. 9, No. 2, July

An Empirical Test of the Interest Rate Parity: Does It Hold between U.S.A and Selected Emerging Asian Economies?
INTRODUCTION The theory of Interest Rate Parity (IRP) holds that one cannot make arbitrage profits due to different interest rates in different countries. Any gain made because of interest rate differentials will be wiped out due to adjustment in...
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An Evaluation of the Egyptian Monetary Policy during the Period (1997/1998-2008/2009)
INTRODUCTION The principal objective of monetary policy during the period in consideration is more or less unchanged, focusing on price stability and stabilization of the exchange rate. Moreover, the monetary authorities had other goals which...
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A Study of the Financial Characteristics of Firms in Two Rapidly Growing Economies
INTRODUCTION The expectation is that in the next two decades, China and India will turn into super-powers and industrialized nations. The analysis in this paper will help in understanding how each country's corporate setup works and will help in...
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FDI Location Drivers and Risks in MENA
INTRODUCTION This paper investigates the causes of FDI flows to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The subsequent analysis of foreign direct investment (FDI) in MENA intersects two approaches in International Business and International Economics....
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Foreign Direct Investment, Exchange Rate, and Their Roles in Economic Growth of Developing Countries: Empirical Evidence from Kazakhstan
INTRODUCTION Porter (1990a) proposed the national competitiveness "diamond" model and applied this method to consider a wide range of reasons as to why some nations can gain competitive advantages in international markets. He presented four factors...
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Good Governance in Developing and Emerging Host Countries and Reinvestment of Retained Earnings by United States Multinationals: A Pooled Cross-Sectional Time-Series Analysis
INTRODUCTION The last few decades witnessed a momentous increase in global foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows. A critical examination of global FDI inflows data published by UNCTAD (2008) reveals that FDI inflows increased steadily over the...
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Iraqi Business Culture: An Expatriate's View
INTRODUCTION The evidence is overwhelming that culture influences managerial decision making on any number of levels or dimensions (Hofstede, 1980). The importance of culture's implications for managers has led to a substantial increase in cross-cultural...
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Monetary Policy Transmission and Output: The Jordan Experiment
INTRODUCTION In the last years considerable researches had focused on monetary policy transmission mechanism to understand the monetary policy effect on the real economy, many macro economists are always in debates to understand the mechanism through...
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