Journal of International Business Research

Publishes theoretical and empirical work in international business including articles on stock markets and globalization.

Articles from Vol. 3, No. 1, January

A Comparison of the Risk and Return Characteristics of Developed and Emerging Stock Markets
ABSTRACT Finance theory suggests that the higher volatility typically associated with emerging stock market returns translates into higher expected returns in those markets. This paper compares the risk and return profile of emerging and developed...
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Anti-Dumping Measures and International Pricing Policy: An Australian Study
ABSTRACT The number of anti-dumping initiatives by governments all over the world has increased significantly during the recent years. This has a potential effect on the international pricing policy of firms. This research focuses on the impact...
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Determining Ownership Positions in Acquisitions: Market and Strategic Influences on Investments in European Targets
ABSTRACT Ownership positions taken in international acquisitions are based on developing efficient organizational arrangements for the purpose of integrating and coordinating activities between the target and the acquirer. This process is influenced...
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Industrial Relations and U.S. Direct Investment Abroad: The Impact of Foreign Labor Market Restrictions
ABSTRACT Using a new measure of labor market freedom from the Economic Freedom of the World Report, 2001, the authors estimate the impact of labor market regulations in 16 OECD and 11 non-OECD countries on U.S. direct investment abroad. Previous...
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Letter from the Editor
Welcome to the Journal of International Business Research. The Allied Academies, Inc., is a non profit association of scholars whose purpose is to encourage and support the advancement and exchange of knowledge, understanding and teaching throughout...
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The Relation between Growth and Inflation Rates in Latin America
ABSTRACT Inflation has long been a problem for countries in Latin America. While some countries have made progress in addressing the problem, other countries have not been able to achieve sustained economic growth. Keynesian thought posits the notion...
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Trends in Technology Skills and Internet Usage in Selected European Business Schools
ABSTRACT Due to the constant and rapid evolution of technology, universities are caught in an on-going balancing act. Universities must provide students with current technology to enhance technical skills as well as keep up with computer hardware...
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WTO/GATT Trade Rounds: Past as Prologue
ABSTRACT This research examines the processes and outcomes of trade rounds. The examination includes a review of each of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) trade rounds and their periods of activity, objectives, and contributions....
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