Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict

Semiannual journal publishes theoretical and empirical works in business oriented areas of organizational communications and behavior, conflict resolution, and human resources management.

Articles from Vol. 15, No. 2, July

Corporate Reputation Management: Citibank's Use of Image Restoration Strategies during the U.S. Banking Crisis
INTRODUCTION Image management is essential to corporations and other organizations, particularly in crisis situations. The financial crisis in the United States, which led to the failure of a large number of banking firms, has made firm reputation...
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How Sales Personnel View the Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Spirituality in the Workplace
INTRODUCTION Spirituality in the workplace is about people who perceive themselves as spirited beings, whose spirits desire and need to be energized through work. It is about experiencing real purpose and meaning at work beyond paychecks and performance...
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Organizational Culture, Formal Reward Structure, and Effective Strategy Implementation: A Conceptual Model
INTRODUCTION The increasingly competitive and complex global environment poses increasing challenges to organizations today (Dimitriades, 2005; Lopez, Peon & Ordas, 2004; Raymond, 2003). Because of the downturn in the global economy, traditional...
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Stereotype Threat in Manual Labor Settings for Hispanic and Caucasian Participants
INTRODUCTION Prior to the creation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Civil Rights Act, both in 1964, as well as various employment legislation, the American workforce was segregated, those segmented groups a reflection...
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The Differential Effect of Gender on the Way Conflict between Work and Family Roles Affects Managers' Reliance on Information Sources in Dealing with Significant Workplace Events
INTRODUCTION Many managers strive to simultaneously perform two demanding roles. One role frequently involves a sole or shared responsibility for managing a family. The other role involves successfully performing managerial tasks on the job. Both...
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What or Who Regulates European Electronic Media?
INTRODUCTION Obviously cultural barriers differ once borders are crossed. America has the FCC to keep the electronic media inline, but what about Europe? We'll discuss the individual media related efforts of thirteen European nations. By doing this...
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