Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict

Semiannual journal publishes theoretical and empirical works in business oriented areas of organizational communications and behavior, conflict resolution, and human resources management.

Articles from Vol. 15, No. 2, 2011

Corporate Reputation Management: Citibank's Use of Image Restoration Strategies during the U.S. Banking Crisis
ABSTRACTImage management is essential to corporations, particularly during crisis situations. The ongoing financial crisis in the United States has led to the failure of several banking firms. Because systemic economic problems may result from the loss...
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How Sales Personnel View the Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Spirituality in the Workplace
ABSTRACTThis research was aimed at the study of job satisfaction and the relationship to spirituality in the workplace. In addition, job satisfaction was studied as both intrinsic and extrinsic satisfaction spirituality in the workplace was researched...
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Organizational Culture, Formal Reward Structure, and Effective Strategy Implementation: A Conceptual Model
ABSTRACTAn organization's culture can vary from weak to strong depending on the degree to which it is accepted by and influences individual behavior. Similarly, the degree to which the organization's culture is congruent with the organization's formal...
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Stereotype Threat in Manual Labor Settings for Hispanic and Caucasian Participants
ABSTRACTStereotype threat, primarily studied in academia with test performance, aptitude, ability, and intelligence, impacts performance and causes both behavioral and cognitive decrements. Research in the workplace has usually looked at upper-level...
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The Differential Effect of Gender on the Way Conflict between Work and Family Roles Affects Managers' Reliance on Information Sources in Dealing with Significant Workplace Events
ABSTRACTPrior studies have assessed the effects of work-family conflict on the individual. These studies have investigated how items such as emotions, job satisfaction and turnover are affected by this conflict. Few studies have investigated how this...
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What or Who Regulates European Electronic Media?
ABSTRACTWhat keeps European media in line? America has the FCC to keep the electronic media in line, but what about Europe? We will discuss the individual media related efforts of thirteen European nations. By doing this we can better understand the...
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