Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research

The Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research is a peer-reviewed journal published annually by Allied Academies. The journal covers economics and economic research education at the collegiate and K-12 grade levels.

Articles from Vol. 5, No. 1, January

Developing Student Writers in Economics: A Process Writing Approach
ABSTRACT An intervention developed by the authors that allows inclusion of process writing with peer review was adopted in introductory economics courses. The writing protocol, which took class time to implement, resulted in similar test performance...
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Economics in the Integrated Business Curriculum: In or Out?
ABSTRACT We analyze the unique experiment of teaching junior level economics to business students at the University of Idaho within the framework of the Integrated Business Curriculum (IBC). Economics was originally directly embedded in the IBC...
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High School Economic Education in Eastern Europe: Findings from Five Nations
ABSTRACT This paper reports a snapshot of the current state of high school economic education in five Eastern European nations. The findings of this paper indicate that the 20-item TEL that was developed and translated for use in this project is...
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Information Transfers from Diverse Corporate Events: Methodological Issues and Findings
ABSTRACT This paper presents results from research pertaining to the industry-wide transfer of information from a diverse set of corporate events. Early studies in this area date back to the late 1970s and early 1980s, but the literature indicates...
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Teaching Money, Prices, Income, and the Quantity Theory of Money
ABSTRACT One problem often encountered in teaching macroeconomics, particularly at the principles level, is the abstract nature of the subject matter. In teaching the quantity theory of money, many students have difficulty with understanding the...
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Wages and Voluntary Labor Turnover: Comparing It Workers with Other Professionals
ABSTRACT There is a body of literature suggesting that a new labor contract between employer and employee is emerging which places less value on loyalty and long term employment relationships. Some have argued that the use of computing technology...
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What Economists Do: Trends in Economic Research
ABSTRACT This paper integrates and extends the literature on research trends in economics. Differences in the research interests of graduate students and senior scholars are examined, as are dynamic changes in research agendas over time. Significant...
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