Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research

The Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research is a peer-reviewed journal published annually by Allied Academies. The journal covers economics and economic research education at the collegiate and K-12 grade levels.

Articles from Vol. 12, No. 2, May

An Appraisal of Fiscal Decentralization in Pakistan
INTRODUCTION Over the years in Pakistan, distribution of powers between the federation and provinces is the most controversial issue. Although the 1940 Lahore Resolution and 1973 Constitution give autonomy to the provinces, but due to political...
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Comparing Perspectives about the Global Economic Crisis: A Cross-Cultural Study
INTRODUCTION Individuals' perceptions about global events are often influenced by their historical, social, and cultural backgrounds. This paper investigates the perceptions of university students about the current global economic crisis and compares...
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Dollars versus the Euro: Will Dollar Be the Dominant Currency in Ten Years' Time?
INTRODUCTION In the current tougher business environment, international trade is getting more and more present and therefore important, due to a fast growing globalization. The use of international currencies has become unavoidable and this, for...
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Economic Impact of Base Realignment and Closing on the Fort Bragg Region and the Largest Army Base in the United States
INTRODUCTION The Base Reassignment and Closure (BRAC) initiative will transform the economy of the region. Fort Bragg is located 50 miles south of Raleigh and 10 miles northwest of Fayetteville. It occupies an irregular-shaped parcel of land, covering...
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Evaluation of Financial Fitness for Life Program and Future Outlook in the Mississippi Delta
This project was made possible by the Council on Economic Education. In 2008-2009, 13 school districts in Mississippi were chosen to participate in a pilot program that is part of the College Access Challenge Grant sponsored by the U.S. Department...
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Growth in the Number of Firms and the Economic Freedom Index in a Dynamic Model of the U.S. States
INTRODUCTION Freedom indices of the world have established themselves as fixtures in the social sciences literature, especially in the economic growth literature. (e.g., Atukeren, 2005; Berggren and Jordahl, 2005; Gwartney, Lawson and Clark, 2005;...
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Important, and Often Overlooked, Aspects of Market Equilibrium
INTRODUCTION "It is only the implicit value judgments underlying positive theories which make these theories important." L.E. Hill, 1968:264 Gary Becker specifies market equilibrium as one of the three foundational assumptions of economic...
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Is the Size of Government Optimal in Pakistan?
INTRODUCTION Historical evidence reveals that no society gained high level of economic prosperity without the role of government. Societies without proper governments faced different kinds of anarchy that halted their growth over time. The emergence...
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Letter from the Editor
It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Dr. Larry Dale, the founding Editor of the Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research. Dr. Dale served as Editor from the inception of the Journal until last year when ill health forced...
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