Academy of Educational Leadership Journal

Published semiannually by Allied Academies, the Academy of Educational Leadership Journals is a peer-reviewed journal with articles focusing on education and educational leadership.

Articles from Vol. 15, No. 3, 2011

Accounting for a Simulated Investment Portfolio: Active Learning Pedagogy in Intermediate Accounting
ABSTRACTAn Active Learning Project was assigned to students in an Intermediate Accounting class at a southeastern, regional university during the fall semesters of 2007 and 2008. The students were asked to simulate an investment of $450,000 in three...
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Authentic Leadership and Budget-Building: Superintendents Reveal Origins, Strategies, and Connections
ABSTRACTSuperintendent leadership style and budget-building practices were studied in six southern states. Analyses reveal that leadership authenticity is positively and significantly correlated with budget-building transparency and information management....
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Cognition & Risk Perception in Business Environmental Sustainability Education
ABSTRACTSerious global environmental challenges such as climate change, loss of biodiversity and other pollution issues are creating substantial risks and associated strategic opportunities for business enterprises. Many experts suggest that rapid responses...
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Development of Students' Emotional Intelligence: Participative Classroom Environments in Higher Education
ABSTRACTThe purpose of this study was to explore the role participative college classroom environments play in the development of emotional intelligence, and whether emotional intelligence is related to academic achievement. Using the ability-based model...
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Management of Innovative E-Learning Environments
ABSTRACTTechnology is central to every educational institution. Without incorporating technology into every aspect of student activities, no educational institution can expect to succeedor excel. E-learning is designed to provide students with uninterrupted...
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Recall and the Serial Position Effect: The Role of Primacy and Recency on Accounting Students' Performance
ABSTRACTThis study investigates whether or not the serial position effects can be observed in a classroom setting where students have to recall a larger amount of information over a longer time frame. This study also looked at the teaching and test item...
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Student Use of a Free Online Textbook
ABSTRACTThe amount of money that university students spend on textbooks each year is a major concern to many groups, from students, to parents, to teachers and school administrators. One possible solution to this problem is the use of lower cost electronic...
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The Impact of Voluntary Accountability on the Design of Higher Education Assessment
ABSTRACTThis study examines the implications of the transparency requirement for business administration programs accredited by the International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), which has recently strengthened the public disclosure...
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Wikis and Podcasts: An Application in Undergraduate Management Education
ABSTRACTOrganizations in the past quarter century have been changed by the integration of desktop computing and communication technologies. The resultant changes have included an entire generation (Digital Natives, Net Generation) raised in the digital...
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