Academy of Educational Leadership Journal

Published semiannually by Allied Academies, the Academy of Educational Leadership Journals is a peer-reviewed journal with articles focusing on education and educational leadership.

Articles from Vol. 3, No. 2, May

Accounting Student Perceptions of Characteristics Necessary for Success: A Comparison with Those Cited by Professionals
INTRODUCTION The inability of accounting firms to recruit, hire, and maintain accounting professionals that possess the technical, analytical, communication, and social skills needed by accounting firms prompted the formation of the Accounting Education...
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An Investigation of Factors Influencing the Hiring of Experienced Accounting Faculty
INTRODUCTION College professors, like most other professionals, are highly mobile (Lichter 1982). Several factors could potentially contribute to an accounting professor's decision to change institutions. These factors include an imbalance in the...
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Determinants of Student Performance in an Upper Level Corporate Finance Course
INTRODUCTION The question as to what factors influence academic performance has been investigated numerous times in the literature. No conclusive evidence exists. Most previous studies have been concerned with introductory level courses with a preponderance...
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Discounted Cash Flow Method: Its Profile in Introductory Finance Textbooks
INTRODUCTION Current introductory finance textbooks and courses discuss the discounted cash flow (DCF) method which defines a unifying theme for most of the topics which are subsequently discussed. More specifically, first, current textbooks define...
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Innovative Tax Policy Projects Utilizing a Global Perspective
INTRODUCTION Many university courses taught today have attempted to develop an "international flavor". Recruiters often suggest that students consider an International Business minor or at least take several courses that reflect this concept. With...
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Opportunities and Challenges in Computer-Mediated Business Education: An Exploratory Investigation of Online Programs
INTRODUCTION Advances of information technology (IT) have opened additional options in today's higher education. There are advocates who champion for IT-based teaching and learning methods as the key elements of innovation that represents the future....
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Student Internet Usage, Perceptions, and Training Needs: Implications for Campus Leaders
INTRODUCTION As Internet usage on college campuses escalates, many questions arise for those who are entrusted with the leadership role in training campus Internet users. At many universities, campus librarians assume this role (e.g. Pascoe, Applebee...
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Variation in the Student Ratings of School of Business Instructors: A Regional University Example
INTRODUCTION Over the past several years, student evaluations of instructors have taken on increasing importance as administrators have sought to use as many objective measures as possible to justify tenure/promotion decisions, to differentiate...
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