Academy of Educational Leadership Journal

Published semiannually by Allied Academies, the Academy of Educational Leadership Journals is a peer-reviewed journal with articles focusing on education and educational leadership.

Articles from Vol. 14, No. SI, November

An Exploratory Analysis of Student Exposure to Personal Selling: An MBA Perspective
INTRODUCTION For most businesses, maintaining an exceptional sales force has been a continual challenge. Today, these challenges seem greater because demand for sales talent has been described as 'skyrocketing' (Galea 2006; Hoffmeister 2008). Increases...
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Arithmetical Reasoning Skills as a Predictor of Success in Principles of Accounting
INTRODUCTION Faculty who teach principles of accounting courses often lament the apparent lack of basic computational skills by students in the classroom. This research tests whether a student's arithmetic reasoning skills can accurately predict...
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Assessing the Level of Curriculum and Scholarship Diversity in Higher Education
INTRODUCTION The notion of assessing the depth of curricular diversity is a persistent challenge for institutions of higher education that have an interest in ensuring that their students receive a multifaceted educational experience (Vaughn 2007)....
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Dealing with Ambiguity: Assessment of Tolerance for Ambiguity in the Context of School Leadership
OVERVIEW The school administrator is expected to have the ability to multitask; that is, being able to respond to unexpected situations with timely decision making that addresses campus and community safety, school district policies and practices,...
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Enhancing Learning Outcomes with a Study Abroad Experience at a Mexican University
INTRODUCTION Looking at course development and delivery in a university curriculum suggests an opportunity to enhance the competitive position of the university by offering a study- abroad experience. A casual perusal of the table of contents of...
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Integrated Business Core Curricula (Undergraduate): What Have We Learned in over Twenty Years?
INTRODUCTION The 1990s brought many messages from business and industry leaders that they were not satisfied with the preparation of American business students. One commonly cited study by Porter and McKibben (1988) stated that undergraduate business...
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Student-Managed Investment Funds: A Framework for Regional Schools
INTRODUCTION Student learning has always been the goal of education. The "chalk and talk" method has been the traditional technique of teaching, but this method may not mesh well with current students. Students who are used to video games and the...
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Teaching Strategy and Skepticism: A Capstone Approach
INTRODUCTION In any dynamic area of human endeavor, teaching the elements of success is somewhat problematic. Concepts that are state-of-the-art today may be obsolete tomorrow. Nor are the newest concepts always the best--a promising innovation...
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The Art and Science of Fostering Engaged Learning
INTRODUCTION Academic engagement is a meta-construct which integrates theories of learning and motivation into a useful model that extends our thinking about ways in which teaching and learning may be enhanced. Engagement has been recognized as...
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