Academy of Educational Leadership Journal

Published semiannually by Allied Academies, the Academy of Educational Leadership Journals is a peer-reviewed journal with articles focusing on education and educational leadership.

Articles from Vol. 16, No. 4, 2012

A Reflective Note on Evaluation Methods in Management Distance Learning Courses
ABSTRACTThis study provides insights into the effect of evaluation methods in management distance learning courses. The evaluation methods included in grading structure have been one of the motivation tools intending to encourage better performance in...
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Dilemma of Journal Ranking: Perplexity regarding Research Quality
ABSTRACTPublication in a ranked journal has been considered as indicator of scholarship among individuals. A ranked journal and its relationship with an individual's research have been unknown for last two decades. But it is seen in last few years that...
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Effectiveness of Active Learning Environment: Should Testing Methods Be Modified?
ABSTRACTIt is often reported in the literature that a collaborative leaning environment is a more effective learning environment for students. However, there is less emphasis in the literature on testing and assessment mechanisms when classes are taught...
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Faculty on the Frontline: Predicting Faculty Intentions to Address College Student Plagiarism
ABSTRACTWhat are faculty beliefs about their role in addressing student plagiarism? This study was conducted to identify how the faculty at a doctoral/research university (DRU) saw their role in order to have a starting point for establishing a university-wide...
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Influencing Variables and Perceptions regarding MBA Degree Programs
ABSTRACTThe purpose of this paper is to provide understanding of the variables involved in a student's decision to enroll in an MBA program, which can assist universities in recruiting and retaining students. A questionnaire was designed and distributed...
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Integrating Ict into Higher Education at the University of Moncton: A Study of Onsite vs Online Students' Perceptions
ABSTRACTFor the past two decades, information and communication technologies (ICT) have transformed the ways professors teach and students learn. This study aims to investigate the perceptions of onsite students (blended mode) and of those taking the...
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Leadership Skills in Management Education
ABSTRACTLeaders in management education face diverse challenges in today's competitive and changing environment. However, educational administrators are often faculty members with little direct leadership experience, formal preparation, or skill development....
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Linking Information Literacy, Experiential Learning, and Student Characteristics: Pedagogical Possibilities in Business Education
ABSTRACTThis study expands on previous research and provides preliminary results on student perception of the value of using experiential learning exercises as pedagogical tools to enhance information literacy in business education. It contributes to...
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