Academy of Educational Leadership Journal

Published semiannually by Allied Academies, the Academy of Educational Leadership Journals is a peer-reviewed journal with articles focusing on education and educational leadership.

Articles from Vol. 16, No. 4, December

A Reflective Note on Evaluation Methods in Management Distance Learning Courses
INTRODUCTION The use of a marking system to assess student performance is a general practice in education institutions. The evaluation methods are incorporated into the designated grading structure in a specific course. The grading structure in...
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Dilemma of Journal Ranking: Perplexity regarding Research Quality
INTRODUCTION The research study deals with the influence of journal ranking on the perception of individual towards the research quality of an article published in that journal. It has seen in the last decade that the use of journal has heavily...
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Effectiveness of Active Learning Environment: Should Testing Methods Be Modified?
INTRODUCTION There is a vast amount of literature available (Boyer Commission, 2007; National Commission on the Future of Higher Education, 2006; National Assessment of Adult Literacy, 2003) to show that current college students have lower level...
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Faculty on the Frontline: Predicting Faculty Intentions to Address College Student Plagiarism
INTRODUCTION There are over 7 million results from a Google search today on the term "plagiarism." There have been hundreds of news media and academic articles written about college students and cheating (Perry 2010). The claims that cheating is...
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Influencing Variables and Perceptions regarding MBA Degree Programs
INTRODUCTION Providing career planning and development opportunities are an integral and important function of any institution of higher education. Advising students in the selection of a college major, in choosing a career, and making decisions...
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Integrating ICT into Higher Education at the University of Moncton: A Study of Onsite vs Online Students' Perceptions
For the past two decades, information and communication technologies (ICT) have transformed the ways professors teach and students learn. This study aims to investigate the perceptions of onsite students (blended mode) and of those taking the...
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Leadership Skills in Management Education
INTRODUCTION Leaders in management education face diverse challenges in today's competitive and changing environment. Evolving demands from superiors, financial challenges, faculty, and students create a turbulent environment in which administrators...
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Linking Information Literacy, Experiential Learning, and Student Characteristics: Pedagogical Possibilities in Business Education
INTRODUCTION The goal of teachers and scholars engaged in any institution of higher education is to train future business leaders and managers who are capable of making decisions based on knowledge which is learned and developed in our classrooms....
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