Journal of Pan African Studies

A transdisciplinary scholarly journal devoted to an Africological synthesis of African world community studies and research that works to ask questions and seek answers to critical contemporary and historical issues, based on an affirmative African centered logic and language of liberation.

Articles from Vol. 5, No. 2, April

Breaking the Stained Glass Ceiling: African Women's Leadership in Religious Organizations
Women's access to leadership positions and authority in organizations and society is limited by social norms, organizational cultures, and structures collectively referred to as 'the glass ceiling'. The 'stained glass ceiling' refers to the same phenomena...
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From the Pantry to the Pulpit: Anglican Clergywomen in the Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago
Introduction This study had its genesis in a call for papers for this special issue of JENDA: A Journal of Culture and African Women Studies. This call indicated that submitted articles should focus on "both historical and contemporary views of...
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No More Glass Ceiling? Negotiating Women's Leadership Role in Eternal Sacred Order of Cherubim and Seraphim
Introduction The issue of women and leadership in Africa's religious sphere has been a neglected discourse in gender studies. This attitude is characterized by the Western perception that views women's role narrowly as emotional, mothers of children...
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Servant Leaders Who Picked Up the Broken Glass
Background Findings from our previous qualitative research on women of color in higher education and leadership positions confirm that spirituality serves as a refuge for difficult times (Marina 2009; Marina 2011). While this essay is not a review...
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Spirituality as a Vehicle for Passing through the Stained Glass Ceiling: Perspectives on African American Women's Leadership in US Organizations
Introduction Less than 10 percent of Fortune 500 companies are managed by women (Rowley 2010) and black women hold a meager one percent of corporate officer positions (Stanley 2009) indicating a lack of female organizational leaders and particularly...
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Supportive Leadership Behavior Key to Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Religious Communities in Malawi
Introduction In recent years, the number of women in leadership positions has continued to change for the better in some fields, while in other fields not much change has been experienced. According to Christian history, it is clear that most official...
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Sustainable Leadership: Lessons and Implications of a Leadership Development Program for Women Religious in Africa
Introduction Encouraging women to showcase their leadership competencies is perhaps the most viable vehicle to driving positive change in Eastern Africa (Sikazwe 2006; Maathai 2006). Studies show that women in this region continue to struggle to...
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Tempered Radicals: Black Women's Leadership in the Church and Community
The Challenge of Women's Leadership Women have been under-represented in positions of leadership in most arenas, including corporate, education, government and the non-profit sector around the globe. This under-representation has been described...
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They Bleed but They Don't Die: Towards a Theoretical Canon on Ga-Adangbe Gender Studies
Introduction This work is mainly a conceptual essay that offers historical and contemporary portraits of women, and the general leadership roles they occupy in traditional religious practice in Ghana. The essay is particularly focused on the Ga-Adangbe...
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