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A scholarly journal devoted to the analysis of global capitalism in the Marxist tradition. Coverage includes the labor, trade union and other radical movements, such as anti-racism, environmentalism and feminism. Content includes feature and survey articl

Articles from Vol. 35, No. 1, February

Books Available for Review
If you would like to review any of the books listed below, please contact the book reviews editor, Adam D. Morton, by email: Atzeni M (2010) Workplace Conflict: Mobilisation and Solidarity in Argentina. London: Palgrave....
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Critical Realism, Marxism and the Critique of Neoclassical Economics
Introduction There is an historical anomaly in the relationship between critical realism and mainstream economics. While inadequacies within neoclassical development theory originally drove Bhaskar to an analysis of its philosophical deficiencies,...
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Cutting Government Deficits: Economic Science or Class War?
Introduction Shortly before the British General Election of 6 May 2010, an independent London economic policy think-tank, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, called for the major parties to 'come clean' about their strategies for reducing the public...
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Economic Conscience and Public Discourse
Damaging cultural roots before damaging the garden It has been said many times before. As early as 1964, Joan Robinson wrote, 'Any economic system requires a set of rules, an ideology to justify them, and a conscience in the individual which makes...
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The Construction of a Trans-European Labour Movement
Introduction At a time when progressive forces have generally been suffering defeat, a major new advancement has been sadly disregarded. For the first time in history, a relatively robust, closely-knit continental community of labour is beginning...
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The Internationalisation of Gulf Capital and Palestinian Class Formation
I. Introduction Critical theoretical approaches towards understanding the economy of the West Bank and Gaza Strip typically focus on the ways in which Palestinian economic development is shaped by the exigencies of Israel's occupation. The myriad...
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Tuna Baskoy: The Political Economy of European Union Competition Policy: A Case Study of the Telecommunications Industry
Tuna Baskoy The Political Economy of European Union Competition Policy: A Case Study of the Telecommunications Industry, Routledge: London, 2008, 242 pp: 9780415965255 60 [pounds sterling] (hbk) There is a widespread consensus on the importance...
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Unfree Labour as Primitive Accumulation?
Introduction Anyone writing about the shape of a 21st-century labour regime is faced with a rather obvious problem. On the one hand, much political economy insists that 'fully functioning' capitalist enterprises cannot operate efficiently, let alone...
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Who Rules Iran? the June 2009 Election and Political Turmoil
Introduction The Islamic Republic is facing its most serious challenge since its birth in the 1979 revolution. Indeed, during and immediately after the election of June 2009, the mass demonstrations in Iran shocked the whole state apparatus in such...
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