Cartography and Geographic Information Science

A scholarly journal devoted to extending cartographic methodology. Publishes original research papers on traditional cartography, geographic information systems (GIS), and other digital mapping technologies. Content also includes technical notes, bibliogr

Articles from Vol. 38, No. 1, January

Analyzing Cognitive Conceptualizations Using Interactive Visual Environments
Introduction The most widely used definition of ontology is that it is a specification of a conceptualization (Gruber 1993). That means that on the one hand a decision has to be made what a specification is and how formal this specification should...
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Geocollaborative Soil Boundary Mapping in an Experiential GIS Environment
Introduction Soil maps are an integral part of contemporary digital information infrastructures. The use and application of soil maps has expanded well beyond their traditional role in agriculture and now underpin many domains in engineering, environmental...
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Outdoor Webcams as Geospatial Sensor Networks: Challenges, Issues and Opportunities
Introduction As aptly described by Johansson (2008), webcams "combine a geographical embeddedness in time and space with an Internet distribution of information (p. 183)." As such, they can be seen both as an extension of camera applications and...
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ResilUS: A Community Based Disaster Resilience Model
Introduction A resilient community is one that does not experience serious degradation in critical services when an earthquake or other disturbance occurs and, in the event of degradation or failure, recovers to a similar or better level of service...
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