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Articles from Vol. 46, No. 2, Spring

After ARK [*]
What to do after ARK? What follows writing a major work? Ronald Johnson began his long poem ARK in 1970, a bit more than midway in life's journey, and completed it in 1990. Like Zukofsky's "A", ARK is a finished work, not an open-ended epic--like Pound's...
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Annus Mirabilis
Although she's been publishing poetry and prose at a fairly steady clip for the last quarter century, the past year appears to be something of an annus mirabilis for Fanny Howe. In addition to the high-profile volume of Selected Poems published earlier...
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City of Glass
Has there ever been a really good novelist who was also a fine poet? And what about the reverse: has any decent poet ever written a good novel? Naturally, examples abound. Paul Auster wrote terse, objectivist thing-poems in the 1970s, and did yeoman...
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"Cultural Capital"
They burn everything I have, or what little I have. I don't care, etc. The poem supreme, addressed to emptiness--this is the courage necessary. This is something quite different. Robert Creeley, "The Dishonest Mailmen" As has often...
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Pigeon Mumblers
Beyond the trees with last year's plastic bags gnarled in their bare branches, and above the still factories on a gray winter evening, several flocks of pigeons flew into the sky. They curved on the slight breeze, then rose over the water towers. Other...
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Serenade: Poetry and Prose 1975-89
Bill Berkson does not have the cartoonish humor of Ron Padgett, or the deadpan directness of the late Joe Brainard. Because of this lack of a signature style, Berkson is often overlooked--even by devotees of the second-generation New York School with...
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