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Articles from Vol. 45, No. 1, Winter

Artaud's True Family, Glimpsed at Pompidou
I walked into the Artaud drawings exhibition, September, 1994. Facing me, taking up all of one wall was a stenciled presentation of "Ten years that the language is gone, that there has entered in its place this atmospheric thunder, this lightning,...
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Diamond Jack,
Defiance was Jack's last mode. Editing his collected poems, Presences of Mind (out there in your bookstores, published by Gnomen Press) I wonder was I wrong to leave out sections of the unfinished Working Stiffs? In it Jack invented a line, sharp,...
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Douglas Oliver's New York Poem
Douglas Oliver. Penniless Politics. Newcastle upon Tyne, England: Bloodaxe Books, 1994. Penniless Politics, a long poem by the British poet Douglas Oliver, could be called a quintessentially New York poem, if by "New York poem" were understood the...
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Levis and All Loss
Larry Levis. Elegy. Pittsburgh: Univ. of Pittsburgh Press, 1997. In the poems of Elegy, Larry Levis tries again and again to face obliteration, to take in the truth of obliteration, to realize it. This great theme fuels the poetry in such an unremitting,...
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I meant to say something about what happened after I discovered a miserable pile of stones twenty-five kilometers north of Vilnius. The stones mark the geographical center of Europe, a place not on my maps, though if you get around as much as I do...
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The bartendress had already flipped the window sign around and counted up her tips, when this rocket-hot, jock-mechanic invites me up for a toke at his spartan apartment on the second floor above the Palestinian grocery. He fiddled with the television...
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When the Saints
The subject was roses the problem is memory "all that is musical in us is memory" memory is musical memory is musical in suggestion suggestion of a progression of a progression to a destination the destination of music is harmony everything joined...
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