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Articles from November

Finding Shared Values
Case For Abbey Life, outsourcing required a real partnership, not just service. In an economy of mergers and acquisitions, it's not unusual for a company to find itself owning a business unit that holds little or no promise for growth. While that business...
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Finding the Money
Savings E-business initiatives don't come cheap, but the long-term benefits far outweigh the early challenges. For more than three years, Unisys Corp. has been working to transform internal systems and processes to take advantage of the tools and technologies...
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From Point A to Point E
Cases Study Integres brings a virtual solution to the heavy freight industry. Historically, the heavy freight industry has been characterized by fragmented providers, limited services and the absence of an end-to-end solution such as that provided by...
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From Risk to Reward
Case E-business is transforming risk. Insurer AIG Is transforming the way organizations manage that risk. The dot-com bubble may have burst, but e-business continues to transform companies in profound ways. As the Internet opens corporate networks to...
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How Companies Transform Themselves
Interview Lawrence A. Weinbach Chairman, President & CEO, Unisys Execution is what will distinguish the winners from the losers in the next phase of e-business. (Q) The era of e-business has emerged and evolved rapidly, and in some ways, the early...
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Retooling the E-Business Strategy
Opportunity The newest approach to e-business Involves transforming the organization to reap even deeper benefits. A lot of things have changed in the world of online business. Dot-com after dot-com has collapsed. Venture capitalists have pulled back....
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State of Change
A focus on e-government has taken Pennsylvania from chaos to competitiveness. As recently as 1995, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was known more for coal and steel than for its government's technosavvy, and with good reason. Six different e-mail systems,...
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The Technology of Transformation
Infrastructure Business issues are the guide, but technology is the enabler. Since the early 1990s, executives have been told repeatedly that business issues, not technology, should guide transformation - and that's still true in the age of the Internet....
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Thinking Ahead, Moving Ahead
Leading by example, the CEO must actively communicate the e-business vision throughout the organization. In making the transition to e-business, there are many places to start and many approaches that can be taken. Indeed, it is hard to pinpoint a single...
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