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Articles from October

Fighting Costs with Culture
In the fight to control workers' comp costs, the $40 billion Albertsons grocery chain works on two fronts, says CEO Larry Johnston: "The development of a safety culture inside the company, and working with health care providers to manage costs to the...
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Looking at the Big Picture
As important as it is, workers' compensation is just one aspect of the skyrocketing health care costs that businesses cope with today. To tackle the issue on a broader scale, companies should take a more holistic view of employee health, says Hank McKinnell,...
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Paying Attention to the Basics
At Hyatt Hotels, workers' compensation a vital issue in part because of the size of the workforce and in part because of the nature of the work involved. The Chicago-based chain operates 123 hotels in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean, employing 50,000...
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The CEO's Role in Reengineering Health Care
Private health insurance and occupational health (which includes workers' compensation) cost U.S. businesses more than $1 trillion annually, but employers now have the opportunity to take control of these burgeoning costs.At $120 billion, the bill for...
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Turning the Tide on Workers' Comp
WHILE WORKERS' COMPENSATION COSTS HAVE RISEN DRAMATICALLY IN RECENT YEARS, NEW APPROACHES AND LEGISLATION ARE OPENING THE DOOR TO REAL CHANGEIn 1993, then-Governor Pete Wilson of California signed a high-profile bill that reformed the state's workers'...
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