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Articles from Vol. 19, No. 2, June

An Assessment of On-the-Job Training Programs in the Ministry of Finance
Since the Gulf Crisis in 1990, Kuwaiti decision makers have become more aware of the importance of human resource development and concerned about the country's heavy dependence on expatriates (73% of its labor force). Serious attention has been devoted...
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A Survey of Merit Pay Plan Effectiveness: End of the Line for Merit Pay or Hope for Improvement?
The widespread use of merit pay plans by organizations is a continuing source of debate, with some arguing for and others against the effectiveness of merit pay plans. A survey of senior compensation professionals in 72 organizations was conducted to...
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Internal Service Quality, Customer and Job Satisfaction: Linkages and Implications for Management
Customer satisfaction has dominated much of the recent service literature (Zemke, 1989; Heskett, 1990; Zeithaml, 1990, Berry; 1991). This literature suggests that to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction, organizations must identify, measure,...
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It's a Different World out There: Planning for Expatriate Success through Selection, Pre-Departure Training and On-Site Socialization
Internationalization has increased the demand for individuals who can manage effectively in a foreign environment. Historically, multinational firms have been plagued by the problem of premature return of expatriate managers due to their inability to...
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