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Articles from Vol. 16, No. 3, September

Human Resources Department Effectiveness: Measurement and Benchmarking's Role
It is clear that the human resources function is encountering a sea change. For decades in many organizations it has languished as an unappreciated, often disconnected, staff function. With the global marketplace becoming intensely competitive, top management...
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Once upon a Benchmark
Another Monday morning creeps in at BAU (Business As Usual) Inc., a division of NIH Corp. In the human resources department, the stack of unfinished business from Friday looms over the 25 department members. But, this Monday is just a bi different. Rather...
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Profiling Organizational Competitiveness: Cultivating Capabilities
Introduction Predictions of the 1990's as a decade of "white water rafting" and enormous change (Peters, 1987; Ulrich and Wiersema, 1989; Vaill, 1989) are coming true. In seemingly nano-seconds, world events change: political systems of centuries are...
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Strategic Human Resource Management: An Australian Case Study
HR Strategy Model Our view of HR strategy is that it is a priority setting process. The key dilemma facing the HR function in organisations today is not what to do in orde to be making a contribution to the business as a business partner; but how to...
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The Impact of Environmental Volatility on Human Resource Planning and Strategic Human Resource Management
Introduction A substantial body of theoretical literature argues that human resources (HR) play an important role in the creation of competitive advantage within firms, and that the use of contemporary or progressive HR management practices is crucial...
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The Truth about "Best Practice." (Business Success)
Today, the business press is full of stories regarding "best practices". It's a hot subject, and rightly so. The trouble is, a lot of what's being published is useless or worse. The danger is that worse-than-useless, misleading information can look and...
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