Interpretation is a journal covering essays on the Bible and theology. Since it was founded in 1947, it is produced quarterly. The journal is published by Union-PSCE.Subjects for Interpretation include religious publications. The editors are Samuel E. Balentine and James A. Brashler.

Articles from Vol. 64, No. 1, January

Ashes, Shadows, and Crosses: Visualizing Lent
Lent is not normally thought of as a time for adding to or enriching the church's liturgy with visual art. This essay explores possibilities for using visual art that corresponds to the purpose of the season of Lent as a time for somber reflection and...
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Between Text & Sermon: Isaiah 65:17-25
CONFLICT. SADNESS. FRUSTRATION. DEATH. No one escapes the difficulties of life. One does not have to turn on the news to hear stories of tragedy and struggle. Talk to friends, relatives. Reflect on your own life. Life is not easy, and for many it is...
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Between Text & Sermon: Luke 24:13-35
THIS WELL-KNOWN STORY ABOUT TWO DISCIPLES on the way to Emmaus, joined in their travels and discussion by the risen Jesus, includes intriguing details and raises many questions. The engaging narrative also provides significant insights. Assigned by the...
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Between Text & Sermon: Philippians 3:17-4:1
THE DOGMATIC TASK THAT LIES BETWEEN THIS lectionary text and a timely sermon entails questions relating to 1) imitative discipleship, with ultimate reference not to Paul and other exemplars of the faith (v. 17), but to "the cross of Christ" (v. 18a);...
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This issue on the Lenten season is the second in our series exploring the rich resources available for preaching and teaching important themes connected to the Christian calendar. Interpretation published an issue devoted to Advent in October 2008 (Vol....
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Lenten Practice in a Musical Mode
The music most pertinent to Lent often engages and stretches us in ways that, while intimately connected with faith, can nonetheless be difficult to put into words or to accommodate within Sunday worship. Yet faith shaped by worship and Scripture informs...
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Poetry as a Resource for Worship in the Lenten Season
This essay examines the suitability of poetry as a vehicle for prayer, worship and meditation. It takes two specific examples of Lenten courses based on poetry: one based on depictions of the events of Holy Week and one based on a discussion of the problem...
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Preaching in the Half-Light of Lent
Lent is a season of difficult and gracious disclosures. To preach in Lent is to give speech to alienation and contradiction, to bear witness to the transforming mysteries of grace, and to recall the church to its memory, fidelity, and hope.We who preach...
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Turning and Returning to God: Reflections on the Lectionary Texts for Lent
While the season of Lent often prompts introspection, the various biblical texts set for Lent call not for a turning inward, but a turning again to God with renewed trust and gratitude for the steadfast love and faithfulness of God. Jesus' death is the...
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