Journal of College Reading and Learning

Publication covering education.

Articles from Vol. 43, No. 2, Spring

A Contextualized Curricular Supplement for Developmental Reading and Writing
Two experiments were conducted with developmental education students to investigate the impact of a contextualized intervention focusing on written summarization and other reading and writing skills. In experiment I (n = 322), greater gain was found...
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Fiction Reading Strategies of College Readers
Research has shown that skilled college readers use a variety of strategies in flexible ways in order to comprehend academic texts. However, little is known about how skilled college readers use strategies when reading fiction, in spite of the fact...
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Messages Are Everywhere: Reading Perceptions, Habits, and Preferences of Undergraduates
As society continues to evolve, so do the methods that are used for text-based communication. Electronic books, mobile phone text messaging, and an array of internet-based texts are now combined with traditional print forms of text, broadly expanding...
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Note from the Editorial Team
Issues of college preparedness are in the public eye as never before. The various ways in which colleges support students' proficiencies in reading, writing, and math--core areas of developmental education--are enjoying considerable attention. And...
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Representations of the Racialized Experiences of African Americans in Developmental Reading Textbooks
Race plays a major role in the lived experiences of African Americans. Consequently, race significantly impacts the identities and educational experiences of African American college students--many of whom require developmental reading courses. These...
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