Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare

Journal furnishing social scientific analysis to understand problems of social policy, politics, and welfare.

Articles from Vol. 29, No. 4, December

Assets and Neighboring: An Exploration into Household Assets and Efforts to Be a Good Neighbor
A non-random, cross-sectional sampling procedure was utilized in this study to explore the relationship between the level of household assets and their corresponding level of neighboring. Surveys from 111 households were collected from September...
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Different Types of Welfare States? A Methodological Deconstruction of Comparative Research
Research on modern welfare states has been strongly influenced by the theory that they develop according to patterns, which form distinct regimes--liberal, corporatist, and social democratic. These regimes are characterized by several key variables,...
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Exploratory Research in Public Social Service Agencies: As Assessment of Dissemination and Utilization
The purpose of this study was to investigate how nine exploratory research studies were disseminated and utilized by social services agencies in four California counties. It is based on in-depth interviews with sixteen key social service agency...
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"For Their Own Good?": Sex Work, Social Control and Social Workers, a Historical Perspective
This article provides an overview of the social responses to prostitution since the mid 1800s and how the responses of social workers have been shaped by shifting social contexts. Understanding the complex interplay of these forces is key to mapping...
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From Social Work to Human Services
Social work has forfeited its professional mandate and should be replaced by "human services." In three traditional areas of responsibility--child welfare, public welfare, and mental health--social work has failed to meet its societal obligation....
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Health Services Social Workers' Activities with People with Disabilities: Predicters of Community Practice
The purpose of this study was to explore the extent to which hospital based social workers were actively involved in community practice on behalf of disabled people. The study attempted to identify what variables influence social workers in health...
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Not in My Social World: A Cultural Analysis of Media Representations, Contested Spaces, and Sympathy for the Homeless
The social constructionist approach offers conceptual tools that may augment social workers' persuasive powers and problem solving capacities. In this case study, I examine a newspaper campaign to cast the homeless in negative terms and justify...
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Open for Business: Exploring the Life Stages of Two Canadian Street Youth Shelters
Youth shelters have emerged as significant resources for homeless and runaway adolescents. Through participant observations of shelter culture, review of agency archival materials, and in-depth interviews with 21 shelter workers (front line staff,...
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