Journal of Sport Behavior

This journal focuses on the sociological, psychological and anthropological and their applications to the science of sport.

Articles from Vol. 33, No. 1, March

Changing Team Culture: The Perspectives of Ten Successful Head Coaches
In the last five years, head coaches' salaries in college athletics have increased significantly. In many cases head basketball and football coaches earn more than faculty members, university presidents, and are often the highest paid public employees...
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Effects of Match Location on Playing Tactics for Goal Scoring in Norwegian Professional Soccer
That sports teams in balanced competitions achieve better results when playing at home than away from home, is a consistent finding (Carron, Loughhead, & Bray, 2005; Nevill & Holder, 1999). This phenomenon, known as 'home advantage', exists...
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Examining the Use of Psychological Skills throughout Soccer Performance
Recent advances in the applied sport psychology literature have seen an increase in the number of empirical studies supporting the positive influence of psychological skills training on sports performance (e.g., Rogerson & Hrycaiko, 2002) and in...
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Perceived Coaching Leadership of Youth Athletes in Singapore
Leadership is one of the most significant components in human resource management in corporations as well as in sports teams. Leadership in athletics refers to the process of inspiring or influencing athletes of a team to perform their tasks enthusiastically...
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Philosophies and Expectations of Wheelchair and Stand-Up Collegiate Basketball Coaches
Wheelchair Basketball Wheelchair basketball is the most popular team sport for athletes with disabilities. The sport was developed by injured World War II veterans around 1946 and it quickly spread across Europe. Competitive events began informally...
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Smoke and Mirrors or Wave of the Future? Evaluating a Mental Skills Training Program for Elite Cross Country Skiers
For several decades, sport psychology consultants have looked for ways to enhance athlete performance. The first major breakthrough in intervention effectiveness came when Martens' (1981) pioneered the mental skills concept. Twenty five years later,...
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