Journal of Sport Behavior

This journal focuses on the sociological, psychological and anthropological and their applications to the science of sport.

Articles from Vol. 30, No. 1, March

Contrary to Popular Belief, Refs Are People Too! Personality and Perceptions of Officials
Officials are crucial for the smooth functioning of sport at all levels of competition. According to Glegg and Thompson (1993), the official is the essential third dimension of an athletic contest, with the players and coaches constituting the first...
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Examining Reactions to the Dale Earnhardt Crash: The Importance of Identification with NASCAR Drivers
Social scientists have been interested in spectators' evaluations of sporting events for many years. Although researchers have investigated evaluations of and reactions to a number of situations, such as reading about one's team in the sports section...
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Goal Orientation and Sensation Seeking in Relation to Optimal Mood States among Skateboarders
The popularity of extreme sports in this country has produced a groundswell of interest over recent years. More than 12 million physical activity enthusiasts participate annually in the extreme sport of skateboarding (American Sports Data Inc., 2001)....
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The Differences in Sport Aggression, Life Aggression, and Life Assertion among Adult Male and Female Collision, Contact, and Non-Contact Sport Athletes
Aggression is a negative personality trait that has been associated with sport participation. Aggression is operationally defined as an intentional physically or psychologically harmful behavior that is directed at another living organism (Thirer,...
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The Early Years of Sport Psychology: The Work and Influence of Pierre De Coubertin
The history of sport psychology is currently an area of interest (Vealey, 2006). Although, much is known about the history of sport psychology after 1965, little detail about the development of the field before that time is available. A notable exception,...
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Who Do I Root for Now? the Impact of Franchise Relocation on the Loyal Fans Left Behind: A Case Study of Hartford Whalers Fans
Given the importance of loyal fans to the economic success of professional sport, it is not surprising to see the recent proliferation of articles in the sport marketing and sport consumer behavior literature that address the ties that bind fans to...
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