Communication Studies

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Articles from Vol. 58, No. 3, September

Communication between Grandparents and Grandchildren in Geographically Separated Relationships
This study examines communication in geographically separated grandparent-grandchild (gp-gc) relationships to better understand the role and impact of communication media on relational quality. Geographic distance affects communication options, most...
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Embracing Spiritual Followership
In contemporary society, there is a growing call for spirituality in the workplace (Fry, 2003). Research on organizational spirituality is also proliferating. Rapidly changing organizational structures, technological advances, increased hours spent...
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Our Callings, Our Selves: Repositioning Religious and Entrepreneurial Discourses in Career Theory and Practice
Why and how we should view work have been matters of philosophical and theological debate for centuries. Western cultural traditions have been polarized over the meaning of work, with labor typically positioned as either a form of self-denial or self-revelation...
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Relational Maintenance and the Influence of Commitment in Online and Offline Relationships
Relational maintenance remains one of the most researched areas over the past decade. Scholars have examined relationship maintenance in contexts of marriages (Weigel & Ballard-Reisch, 1999), friendships (Bippus & Rollin, 2003), and organizations...
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(Re)storying Organizational Communication Theory and Practice: Continuing the Conversation about Spirituality and Work
Keywords: Secular Hegemony; Spirituality; Work As we take up our conversations about organizing and spirituality that we began with the publication of our 2006 Communication Studies special issue on disrupting secular hegemony, we have been delighted...
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The Dilemmas of Spirituality in the Caring Professions: Care-Provider Spiritual Orientation and the Communication of Care
In the last decade, communication scholars have begun exploring the problems of care in our society and relationships between care and communication (Miller & Considine, in press; Wood, 1994). Care giving, once a private task, is increasingly moving...
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"The Man for His Time" the Big Lebowski as Carnivalesque Social Critique
When The Big Lebowski was released in 1998, it was paradoxically derided by critics for being both ostentatious and vapid. Nine years later, for at least one critic, it has become the cult film of our times (Palopoli, 2002). This claim is validated...
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