Communication Studies

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Articles from Vol. 58, No. 4, December

An Investigation of the Relationship between Implicit Personal Theories of Communication and Community Behavior
A waning sense of community has been well documented and widely accepted as among the most significant problems of our time. Both social capital (trust in others and civic participation) and interpersonal acts of assistance (or helping) are considered...
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Predicting Disordered Eating Intentions among Incoming College Freshman: An Analysis of Social Norms and Body Esteem
The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between parental influence, peer norms, body esteem, and disordered eating intentions in a sample of incoming college freshmen women. A total of 427 incoming female college freshmen from a private...
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The Impact of Internet Technologies on Primary and Secondary Romantic Relationship Development
This study examined the impact that changes in Internet-based technologies have on romantic relationships developed exclusively online. Thirty-six participants completed the 44-item Online Relationships Questionnaire. Participants were then divided...
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The Influence of Race, Heuristics, and Information Load on Judgments of Guilt and Innocence
This study applies the heuristic-systematic model to explore the influence of race and judicial-system heuristics on jury decision-making. In a mock-jury investigation, a 3x2 experimental design varied a trial descriptions information load (high, medium,...
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The Push and Pull of Stepfamily Life: The Contribution of Stepchildren's Autonomy and Connection-Seeking Behaviors to Role Development in Stepfamilies
Role negotiation in stepfamilies is an important process that involves and affects all family members. Although researchers have focused on stepparent role development and the influence of stepparents' behaviors, less attention has been given to the...
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