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Articles from Vol. 34, No. 1, Fall

Democracy's Backlog: The Electronic Freedom of Information Act Ten Years Later
I. INTRODUCTION Congress passed the Electronic Freedom of Information Act (EFOIA) amendments in 1996, in response to the technology that has changed the way the government collects, archives, and disseminates information. (1) At the time, proponents...
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Google and Ye Shall Be Found: Privacy, Search Queries, and the Recognition of a Qualified Privilege
I. INTRODUCTION Modern technology allows us to record and maintain massive amounts of personal information, increasing the amount of data flowing from the private sector to the Government. (1) The popularity and success of the Internet is due in...
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IT-APAs: Harmonizing Inconsistent Transfer Pricing Rules in Income Tax - Customs - VAT
INTRODUCTION In most jurisdictions there are three separate spheres of transfer pricing analysis--income tax, customs, and VAT. Although they share policy objectives and terminology, and frequently borrow methodologies from one another, these domestic...
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Les Fleurs Du Mal: A Critique of the Legal Transplant in Chinese Internet Copyright Protection
INTRODUCTION Legal transplanting is an important vehicle for the legal modernization of developing countries. China has established a complicated intellectual property system in less than thirty years. (2) Without the help of legal transplanting,...
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RFID and Privacy: Living in Perfect Harmony
I. INTRODUCTION If you have never heard of the acronym "RFID," which stands for "Radio Frequency Identification," remember it, because it will likely become a household term. If you have not seen RFID, it is not surprising, as the device can be...
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