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Articles from Vol. 37, No. 1-2, Spring-Summer

Forty-Second Selected Bibliography on Computers, Technology and the Law: (January 2010 through December 2010)
INTRODUCTION Each year, the Journal provides a compilation of the most important and timely articles on computers, technology, and the law. The Bibliography, indexed by subject matter, is designed to be a research guide at assist our readers in...
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Get Ready for the Return! How to Make Filing Tax Returns More Efficient: Applying the State of California Franchise Tax Board's ReadyReturn to the Federal Tax System
I. INTRODUCTION Every year before April 15th, Americans take time out of their busy schedules to fulfill their duty to pay income tax. (1) The average American dislikes this time of year because the tax return process is complex, costly, and anxiety-provoking....
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Internet Hate Speech and the First Amendment, Revisited
I. INTRODUCTION II. EXAMINING THE CURRENT INTERNET HATE SITE CRISIS UNDER FIRST AMENDMENT JURISPRUDENCE A. The Abundant "Coincidence" of Internet Hate Websites, Hate Groups, and Hate Crimes in the United States 1....
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Personalized Genomics: A Need for a Fiduciary Duty Remains
I. INTRODUCTION A. Introduction to Personalized Genomics / Pharmacogenomics Following the completion of the Human Genome Project (1) ("HGP"), genomics has come to the forefront of biomedical research. (2) Genomics refers to the study of genomes...
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Reviving the World Wonder: Why Rooftop Gardens Should Cover Urban Landscapes
I. INTRODUCTION Garden rooftops have existed since ancient Babylonian times. (1) Presently, concerns about the environmental and economic costs of energy use in buildings and cities have led to renewed interest in the potential of such gardens by...
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The Problem of the Parody-Satire Distinction: Fair Use in Machinima and Other Fan Created Works
I. INTRODUCTION II. MACHINIMA AND FAIR USE A. How Machinima is Produced B. Fair Use in General C. Purpose and Character of Use 1. Transformative Purpose as a Subfactor 2. Transformation in Conjunction with Market ...
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Urban Guerrilla & Piracy Surveillance: Accidental Casualties in Fighting Piracy in P2P Networks in Europe
Copyright law is facing its biggest challenge yet it copes with technological development and an increasingly global information market. The advent of peer-to-peer networks has multiplied the threat to the peaceful enjoyment of copyrights and has made...
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Web 2.0 Crashes through the Courthouse Door: Legal and Ethical Issues Related to the Discoverability and Admissibility of Social Networking Evidence
Social networking usage has skyrocketed in recent years, and its exponential growth has already started to impact a number of both civil and criminal cases. Courts are struggling to address issues raised by social networking evidence and the unique...
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