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Articles from Vol. 61, No. 1, January

A Message from the Army Leadership
This is an exciting time to be a Soldier! Decisively engaged in a war on terror that has lasted for more than four years, we are simultaneously reshaping the force to be an Army of campaign quality with joint and expeditionary capabilities--transforming...
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Army Careers
The Army's military occupational specialties are divided into broad categories that include the enlisted career-management fields, warrant officer career branches and officer career branches, plus officer and medical functional areas. As the Army changes,...
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Army National Guard Installations
State-owned/State-operated and Federally owned/State-operated facilities: A National Guard Bureau National Guard Readiness Center Arlington, VA 22202-3259 (703) 607-2611 (DSN 327) A ALABAMA Fort McClellan...
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Army Websites
THE following Web sites offer access to personnel data and information about programs and services available to both active-duty and reserve-component Soldiers, both at their home duty stations and when they are deployed. --The Army's...
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The Army's Future Combat Systems
As the Army continues its transition to a modular force capable of fielding 43 brigades, it is also continuing to develop the weapons and equipment it will need in order to remain the world's dominant land power throughout the 21st century. The...
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The Army's PEO Soldier
THE Army's Program Executive Office (PEO) Soldier works to ensure that the best equipment gets to Soldiers as quickly as possible. The organization's mission is to arm and equip Soldiers so they are capable of peak performance. To achieve this,...
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The Way Ahead
THE 21st century calls for an American Army that can conduct sustained operations during several contingencies while remaining prepared to fight more than one war. To meet this need, the Army is re-evaluating institutional assumptions, organizational...
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Year in Review
Jan. 1 SSG James McCormick of the 1st Cavalry Division is selected to participate in "Family Connections," a contest sponsored by the Frito Lay Co., which reunits him with his family during the 34th annual Tostitos Fiesta Bowl in Tempe, Ariz. ...
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