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Articles from Vol. 66, No. 12, December

Customs Infections Keeping Homeland Secure
THE number of military units packing up equipment and personal belongings is increasing as the U.S. continues to prepare its exit from Iraq as part of Operation New Dawn. But before anything crosses over U.S. borders, everything that is shipped back...
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Once Soldiers Go Home: The Office of Security Cooperation Maintaining a Presence in Iraq
BY Dec. 31, a large portion of the United States presence in Iraq will be gone--but not all of it. In place of the United States Forces-Iraq presence, America will instead have a largely non-military presence--a sizable U.S. embassy staff in Baghdad...
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Partners for Peace: Civil Capacity Projects Help Improve Prosperity in Iraq
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] ELECTRICITY, water, schools, hospitals, transportation networks and an active police force are among the things often taken for granted in the United States. In Iraq however, these services are greatly appreciated. United...
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Rebuilding the Foundation: Academy Builds Confidence, Skills of Iraqi NCOs
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] BUILDING a strong and effective noncommissioned officer corps that lives up to the title of "backbone" takes time. Iraq lost experienced NCOs through attrition during the Iraq-Iran War and years of sanctions, as well as the...
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Responsible Transition: Coordinated Efforts Ensure Successful Transfer of Property, Facilities
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] IN 2008, there were more than 500 military bases in Iraq manned by U.S. military personnel. Before United States Forces-Iraq leaves that country at the end of 2011, the future of each installation must be determined, and an...
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Security: Iraqis Stand Ready to Defend Their Own
BEGINNING in 2012, Iraqis will be responsible for defending their own borders and air space, and for policing their own people, both inside and outside their cities. Since 2003, Iraqis have not had to perform that mission alone. United States Forces-Iraq...
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Tributes to the Fallen Come Home
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] IN some places on Camp Victory in Iraq, they're so many concrete T-walls lining the streets that, combined with the general bleakness of the place, and the dust in the air and the eerie dusk-like light it creates on everything,...
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