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Articles from Vol. 28, No. 1, Spring

Anne Enslow & Ridley Enslow. Music of the American Colonies
Music CD, 61-page Booklet & Teacher's Guide. Berkeley Heights, NJ: Enslow Publishers, Inc., 2000. 61 minutes. Ages: 10-up. $24.95; ISBN 0-7660-1614-5. Order from Enslow Publishers, Inc., Box 398, 40 Industrial Rd., Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922. ...
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A Teaching Note: Getting Started in a Course on Historical Method
All teachers teach method as well as content, whether they intend to or not. Therefore, we should teach method explicitly. If we don't, students are likely to learn passive and sloppy methods and not know the difference between...
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Collecting Stories about Strip-Mining: Using Oral History in the Classroom
The study of history has always been an interdisciplinary exercise that borrows generously from the methods and insights provided by other disciplines, but the narrative method continues to remain central to the discipline of history. Telling stories...
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Exploring the Atlantic World: An Experiment in Teaching an Emerging Paradigm
Why the Atlantic World? "The Atlantic World" is an emerging perspective in early American history, one that blends nicely with contemporary interest in globalization. (1) This field is an exploration of connections that formed among Africa, Europe,...
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Using First-Person Sources to Teach the Vietnam War
As an avid proponent of student-active teaching pedagogy, one of the various methods that I employ is to build an entire course around discussion of a body of readings. First-person sources serve as one of the best media for this approach. Two of my...
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Using Local History to Understand National Themes: The Yellow Fever Epidemic in Philadelphia in 1793
College teachers of American history cover national themes such as the nature of the American Revolution and the establishment of the federal government because students must understand them if they are to gain a reliable knowledge of America's past....
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