Canadian Journal of Criminology

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Articles from Vol. 36, No. 4, October

An Empirically-Based Typology of Male Young Offenders
Two issues were addressed in the present study. First, the psychometric properties of a risk/needs assessment for youth (Youth Level of Service Inventory (YLSI) (Andrews, Ronbinson, and Hoge 1984) were explored. Second, an effort was made to develop...
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Gun Control and Rates of Firearms Violence in Canada and the United States: A Comment
Writing in the Canadian Journal of Criminology, Mundt (1990, 32, January, 137-154) concluded that the Canadian legislation in 1977 regulating the acquisition of firearms had little perceptible impact on crime, suicides, and accidental deaths. Aside...
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Underpunishing Offenders: Towards a Theory of Legal Tolerance
This paper presents the results of two case-sentencing surveys and compares the demand for punishment (as expressed by the public) to its supply (as measured by the sentencing preferences of court actors). Findings show criminal court actors to hold...
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Wife Assault in Community-Resident Offenders
The authors suveyed a random sample of community-resident offenders in British Columbia to determine the prevalence of wife assault. The rate was high: About 1 in 5 men had a known history (current or lifetime). These findings support the view that...
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