Environmental Law

A journal investigating issues of environment law and policy on a local, national and international level.

Articles from Vol. 29, No. 2, Summer

Aquatic Invasive Species in the Coastal West: An Analysis of State Regulation within a Federal Framework
I. INTRODUCTION An invasive species is a normative species(1) introduced, whether accidentally or intentionally, into a new ecosystem.(2) An aquatic invasive species (AIS), as defined by the Nonindigenous Aquatic Nuisance Prevention and Control...
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Books Received
THE POLITICS OF ECOSYSTEM MANAGEMENT Hanna J. Cortner & Margaret A. Moore. Washington, DC: Island Press, 1999. (202) 232-7933. 179 pp. $50.00 Clothbound, $25.00 Paperbound. Resource management in the United States is undergoing a fundamental...
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Clear the Air
Dear Editorial Staff: APPELLATE STUDY PANEL ISSUES FINAL REPORT Individuals and entities with concerns about public lands, the environment, and natural resources, as well as the federal judicial system in the western United States, have carefully...
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Congress and Charismatic Megafauna: A Legislative History of the Endangered Species Act
The last; word of ignorance is the man who says of an animal or plant: `What good is it?' ... If the biota, in the course of aeons, has built something we like but do not understand, then who but a fool would discard seemingly useless parts? To keep...
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The Mythical Giant: Clean Water Act Section 401 and Nonpoint Source Pollution
I. INTRODUCTION The Clean Water Act (CWA)(1) was passed to "restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the Nation's waters."(2) Few Americans would disagree that this was a laudable goal, and America's waters have improved...
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The New Electric Powerhouses: Will They Transform Your Life?
I. INTRODUCTION I originally titled this talk: "Nothing Shocks Us Anymore, Including Electricity." Although this statement is arguably true, upon reflection, I thought you might be put off by it, thinking my presentation would involve disclosing...
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The United States Forest Service's Response to Biodiversity Science
I. INTRODUCTION Scientists agree that Earth is experiencing a mass extinction spasm.(1) Entire plant and animal species are disappearing daily; possibly more than seventy species disappear per day in the species-rich tropical forests alone.(2) This...
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The Wrong War, with the Wrong Enemy, at the Wrong Time: The Coming Battle over the Military Land Withdrawal Act and an Experiment in Privatizing the Regulation of Public Lands
I. INTRODUCTION The first major environmental and natural resource battle of the twenty-first century will likely be fought between environmentalists and the United States military. In 2001, more than seven million acres that have been withdrawn...
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