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Articles from Vol. 29, No. 3, July

Cross's Nigrescence Model: From Theory to Scale to Theory
This article describes the theoretical and empirical evolution of the revised Cross nigrescence identity model (W. E. Cross, 1991) in the context of developing a new multidimensional measure, the Cross Racial Identity Scale (Vandiver et al., 2000)....
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Nigrescence Theory: Current Status and Challenges for the Future
This article raises a number of critical questions for scale development and theorizing in the field of Black racial identity. In particular, the authors suggest that research on Black racial identity would benefit from longitudinal studies and the...
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Psychological Nigrescence Revisited: A Foreword
The necessity to engage life on multiple fronts is underscored as one seeks to understand reality using culturally specific lenses. Tunnel vision directs one to see one object, one space, or one experience in a unidimensional fashion. Conversely, exercising...
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Psychological Nigrescence Revisited: Introduction and Overview
The author presents an overview of W. E. Cross's original (1971) and revised (1991) nigrescence theory in the context of developing a scale to measure the revised model. Also highlighted is the purpose Of the other articles in the special issue of...
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