Contemporary Review

Founded in 1866, Contemporary Review is a scholarly journal published quarterly. Contemporary Review Company Ltd. owns and publishes this journal, and its editorial headquarters is in Oxford, United Kingdom.Contemporary Review covers a number of topics, including politics, international affairs, literature, art and art history. Its region and its audience are international. Dr. Richard Mullen is the editor; Dr. Alex Kerr is the managing editor; Dr. James Munson is the literary editor; and Anselma Bruce is the associate editor. James LoGerfo, Robin Findlay and Charles Foster are the editorial advisers.

Articles from Vol. 280, No. 1633, February

Afghanistan: Yesterday, Today; and Tomorrow?
THERE are certain countries over which a long shadow lies. However captivating for the visitor and notwithstanding the hospitality of its peoples there is in their past history that which clouds the atmosphere, a sense of long suffering, of something...
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Domestic Violence against British Women
EVERY six to 20 seconds an incident of domestic violence - overwhelmingly against women -- occurs in Britain, according to a unique survey of crime figures compiled by British police forces during a single day: 28 September 2000. On that day police...
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Longfellow's Evangeline and the Cult of Acadia
IT was October and the tourist season in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia was almost past, but it was still a glorious sunny day when I reached Grand Pre. The trees were clothed in a last display of brilliant colour before they yielded to the onset...
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Lord Hailsham: The Reluctant Peer
Editor's Note: In last month s issue Jonathan Doering assessed the career of the Labour hereditary peer, Lord Longford, who died in 2001. Now we look at his Tory contemporary, Lord Hailsham. Both men exemplify a British tradition of hereditary service...
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Rembrandt's Women and Painted Ladies
WHILST casting a backward glance at Rembrandt's Women, a recent exhibition at the Royal Academy, one finds some curious links with display of portraiture at the court of Charles II, Painted Ladies. At the end of January Painted Ladies moved from the...
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The Queen's Golden Jubilee
'I AM writing, after a very fatiguing day, in the garden at Buckingham Palace, where I used to sit so often in former happy days. Fifty years to-day since I came to the Throne! God has mercifully sustained me through many great trials and sorrows'....
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The United States and China
AS George W. Bush declared war on terrorism on September 11, 2001, the United States of America became the centre of the world. It is the sole superpower, if that term needs still to be used, with a global reach of its military, political, economic...
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