Contemporary Review

Founded in 1866, Contemporary Review is a scholarly journal published quarterly. Contemporary Review Company Ltd. owns and publishes this journal, and its editorial headquarters is in Oxford, United Kingdom.Contemporary Review covers a number of topics, including politics, international affairs, literature, art and art history. Its region and its audience are international. Dr. Richard Mullen is the editor; Dr. Alex Kerr is the managing editor; Dr. James Munson is the literary editor; and Anselma Bruce is the associate editor. James LoGerfo, Robin Findlay and Charles Foster are the editorial advisers.

Articles from Vol. 263, No. 1533, October

Delta Skelter - in and around Bangkok
FOR the tourist the disadvantage of Bangkok is the other tourists. The waterborne Floating Market -- most popular of all Bangkok tourist attractions -- now employs several white-helmeted floating policemen to keep the tourist launches from swamping...
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Enlarging the UN Security Council
THE current session of the UN General Assembly promises to be a vital one. This because it will have to deal with the Security Council. President Clinton started the ball rolling when he intimated that he would like to see Germany and Japan made Permanent...
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Karoshi - a Fatal Export from Japan
TOSHITSUGU Yagi emerged as a statistic on Japan's increasing early mortality chart. Now he has posthumously become an eiyu (hero) of a video citing hazards in Japanese office life today. Yagi was a sarariman (Japanese white collar worker) sometimes...
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Pythagoros and the Bean
IF you ever wondered what Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician, had to do with Vicia Fava, the humble broad bean, the answer, is absolutely nothing -- on principle. His apparent aversion to the harmless legume was not, however, simply a matter of personal...
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The Grapes of Neglect - Violence and Xenophobia in Germany
THE arsonists came at night. Fully aware of the likelihood that people might be in their bedrooms they set fire to the apartment house, in which -- according to the namplates near the doorbells -- a couple of Turkisk families lived. The fact that...
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The Scots in Carolina
LONG before it got its present name, Franklin, near the western tip of North Carolina, was a sacred site of the Middle Cherokees. it cherishes a mound on which their councils may have met. Now the 'gem of the Smokies' plans to have another holy place....
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The US and Mexico Debate Free Trade
ON February 5, 1991, the US, Mexico, and Canada formerly proposed the creation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Negotiations began on June 12, 1991, and it took 18 months of intensive haggling over everything from auto parts to...
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While the Music Lasts
CLASSICAL music is dying in Britain; the patient is being wheeled into casualty; the respirator is pulsing in erratic gasps. A handful of devoted experts are huddled anxiously over it; but the gates are empty of journalists, and bulletins ('critical...
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