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Founded in 1866, Contemporary Review is a scholarly journal published quarterly. Contemporary Review Company Ltd. owns and publishes this journal, and its editorial headquarters is in Oxford, United Kingdom.Contemporary Review covers a number of topics, including politics, international affairs, literature, art and art history. Its region and its audience are international. Dr. Richard Mullen is the editor; Dr. Alex Kerr is the managing editor; Dr. James Munson is the literary editor; and Anselma Bruce is the associate editor. James LoGerfo, Robin Findlay and Charles Foster are the editorial advisers.

Articles from Vol. 272, No. 1588, May

An Extraordinary Electorate: Voting Behaviour and the 1997 British General Election
Exactly one year ago, on May 1st 1997, Tony Blair's new Labour achieved an election victory of historic proportions. With a swing to Labour of 10.5 per cent, eighteen years of Conservative government were brought to an end and Labour gained only its...
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Books and Mr. Gladstone
Editor's Note: William Gladstone, who was Prime Minister four times during Queen Victoria's reign, is the most distinguished contributor to write for the Contemporary Review. This month marks the centenary of his death. St. Deiniol's Library was founded...
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France's Imperial Legacy
When in 1997 one of the present authors wrote to General Marcel Bigeard, France's most decorated living soldier, he received a surprisingly prompt reply from a busy man. Bigeard was the last of a line who distinguished themselves in a once great French...
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Roman and Romanesque
The French region of Provence has been for the last half of this century a magnet for artists, glitterati, and tourists - not an unusual sequence. Various artists first settled in some of the semi-derelict towns where affordable art colonies could be...
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Shakespeare's Venice
'AH, good old Mantuan, I may speak of thee as the traveller doth of Venice: Venetia, Venetia, Chi non ti vedo, non ti pretia. . . . who understandeth thee not, loves thee not. (Love's Labour's Lost, 4.2.93-98) Thus the pedant Holofernes, combining two...
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The Life after Death of Sylvia Plath
Had she lived, Mrs. Edward James Hughes would have been sixty-five years old on October 27th, 1997. A senior citizen. An old age pensioner. But, as things panned out, the clock stopped for her, the calendar froze, on February 11th, 1963. That was the...
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The World of Compact Discs
Perhaps no great composer arouses such intense enthusiasm and antipathy as Richard Wagner. The great obstacle to approaching his work is the massive size of his operas which tend to frighten new listeners. For decades we have had recordings of 'Wagner...
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